About the Center

The Health Economics Research Group (HERG) is part of the Sociology Research Center of the Department of Sociology at the University of Miami.  HERG conducts research on a variety of health and human resource-related topics, such as the economics of substance abuse treatment and prevention, HIV/AIDS, crim inal justice programs, workplace policies and programs, cancer treatment and prevention, health system changes, and mental health.

The majority of research conducted by the HERG is supported by grants from the National  Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the National  Institute on Alcohol Abuse  and Alcoholism  (NIAAA), the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), the Robert Wood  Johnson  Foundation  (RWJF), and the State of Florida.  Some recent funded projects include: "Computerized Psychosocial Treatment for Offenders with Substance Use Disorders" (NIDA, Grant No. RC2 DA028967); "Web-based CBT for Substance Misusing and PTSD Symptomatic OEF/OIF Veterans" (NIAAA, Grant No. RO I  AA020181); "Florida Node Alliance of the Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network" (NIDA, Grant No. DAO l3720); "Economic Evaluation of Recovery Management Checkups for Women Offenders (RMC-WO) (NIDA, Grant No.

RO IDA03 I 785); "Evaluation of SPF-SIG and Maintenance of SEW Youth and Adult Economic Impact Study" (State of Florida/DCF, Grant No. LD828); "System Modality Assessment  Study" (State of Florida/DCF, Grant No. LD828-R l ); "Alcohol Use and Social Capital" (NIAAA, Grant No. R03

AAO l 6371); "Economic Consequences of Alcohol Use Disorders" (NIAAA, Grant No. RO I AA015695); "Economic Evaluation of Substance Abuse Treatment in Criminal Justice Settings" (NIDA, Grant No.

KO i DAO l3962); "Costs and Benefits of Alcohol Services and Interventions" (NIAAA, Grant No. RO I AAl3 I 67); "Utilizing Clinical and Financial Instruments for Economic Evaluation" (NIDA, Grant No. 3P50 DA07705); "Costs and Benefits of Prison-Based  Substance Abuse Treatment for Drug Abusing Offenders" (RWJF, Grant No. 041070); "Economic Evaluation Methods:  Development and Applications" (NIDA, Grant No. RO I DAI 1506); "Economic Aspects of Alcohol Use and Abuse" (NIAAA, Grant No. KO! AA l3608); "Economic Evaluation of Adolescent Treatment Services" (NIDA, Grant No. RO I DAl3298); and "Long Term Outcomes of Adolescents in Drug Treatment" (NIDA, Grant No. RO I DA l 5412) Many of these projects involve multidisciplinary collaborations with government officials, program directors, clinicians, and/or scientists from the University of Miami and other research and academic institutions.

To ensnre effective and timely dissemination of their research findings, HERG members regularly deliver presentations at professional conferences and frequently publish papers in peer-reviewed professional journals.  For additional information on HERG projects, products, or staff, please contact: 

Michael T. French, Ph.D.
Professor, Health Economist, & Director, Health Economics Research Group Department of Sociology
University of Miami (2030) 5202 University Drive
Merrick Building, Room 12IF
Miami, Florida 33124-2030
305-284-6039 (phone); 305-284-5310 (fax)